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Get On Board | Empowering youth one board at a time
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Get on Board – Empowering youth one board at a time

Get on Board is a registered non-profit organization which uses board sports-surf/skate/snow to develop social skills, self confidence and goal setting in youth. The very nature of board sports: physicality, creativity, courage, and self discipline help youth develop life skills.
To improve as a boarder you will fall many times. As in life when you fall you have to get back up. The resilience you learn in developing skills as encouraged by our mentors will help you gain the confidence and self esteem you need to overcome many obstacles.
Get on Board helps youth connect to their schools and community through provision of organized teaching/learning programs, advocacy and outreach.

This is happening!

We are getting super stoked to see all the peeps (big and small) out to try the GOB half pipe at the National Aboriginal Day celebrations at K’omoks First Nation on June 21, from 1:00-8:00pm at 3320 Comox Road (the village site of K’omoks First......

Sweet GOB wins and limited edition wears

Come celebrate in the half pipe with Get On Board on National Aboriginal Day! Get a ticket for the Get On Board raffle (or 5!) from us at the GOB info tent beside the halfpipe. WIN a sweet Landyachtz longboard, Ron Pogue photograph printed on......

GOB half pipe in the works!

A big shout out to AFC Construction for the materials, and Curtis Saunders and Jeremy Atkinson for their awesome hard work! We are getting super stoked to see the completion of the GOB half pipe for the National Aboriginal Day celebrations at K’omoks First Nation......

National Aboriginal Day with A Tribe Called Red!

Join us at the K’omoks First Nation as we celebrate National Aboriginal Day, Sunday June 21, 2015! This event is an exciting collaboration between the K’omox First Nation, Comox Valley Arts Council, the First Peoples Cultural Council, Cumberland Village Works, Get on Board and Landyachtz.......

Empowering youth one board at a time