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Get On Board | GOB half pipe at K’omoks First Nation
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GOB half pipe at K’omoks First Nation

About This Project

We are getting super stoked to see all the peeps (big and small) out to try the GOB half pipe at the National Aboriginal Day celebrations at K’omoks First Nation on June 21, from 1:00-8:00pm at 3320 Comox Road (the village site of K’omoks First Nation).

The Get On Board crew will lend a helping hand to first time half pipe riders, give tips and support and show us how its done. Thanks to Bubba Muldoe, Nathen Babcock, Mike Slota and Tevor Weir for their helping hands coming up on Sunday in the half pipe. GOB will have some skateboards, longboards and helmets to try, but feel free to bring your own.
Come out and get on board.

A big shout out to AFC Construction for the materials, and Curtis Saunders, Jeremy Atkinson, Bubba Muldoe, Mike Lyon and Keith Stevenson for their awesome hard work.  Build it and they will come!


National Aboriginal Day with A Tribe Called Red

A huge thanks to:
Landyachtz, Cumberland Village Works, K’omoks First Nation,  Ron Pogue,  Rowan Helliwell and Grant Shilling

GOB Halfpipe, Youth