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The Team

Gitxsan skate punk and GOB rider Bubba Muldoe and crew are building
a skate park out of the ruins of Forbidden Ski Lodge. Muldoe has been skating since he was seven and brings a transformative energy to his mentoring.

Bubba Muldoe

Youth Mentor on Board and GOB Team Member

Grant Shilling is a writer, artist, surfer and outreach worker. He has worked with diverse populations including the Gaza Surf Club, Maple Pool United street soccer team and skateboarding youth in Ahousaht.

Grant Shilling

Creative Counsel on Board

Rowan grew up on the liberation zone of Hornby Island, attended The Kootaney School of Arts for printmaking and mixed media and The IDEA Program at Capilano University for Illustration and Graphic Design. Now living in Cumberland, she is found in her garden, playing the forest or creating something magical.

Rowan Helliwell

Spokeperson/Web Weaver on Board

Ron Pogue's photographic practice brings an insatiable appetite for exploring the myriad manifestations of human connection.
His subject matter is the celestial, social, sartorial and seldom seen.
His work offers sharp observations and subtle revelations and is informed by his belief that the spiritual world permeates the mundane.

Ron Pogue

Photographer on Board

Karver Everson born in Comox, in 1993 and named Gayustistalas - a name that belonged to his father, Chief Rob Everson of the Gigalʼgam Walas Kwagut from the Kwakwakaʼwakw. Influenced greatly by his familyʼs connection to their cultural heritage, Karver has always been keen to learn and uphold the cultural traditions of the Kʼomoks and Kwakwakaʼwakw First Nations. Karver designed the awesome GOB logo.

Karver Everson

Artist on Board

Charlene Cresswell is Iroquois, and has a degree in Environmental Studies and Geography. Through her learning experiences and the personal revival of her cultural background, she comes to ‘Get On Board’ with the passion to educate and mentor youth, not only involving the board but also intertwining the elements of nature and culture into her teachings.

Charlene Cresswell

Youth Mentor and GOB Team Member

What do you do when your not skating?:
Lift, eat, bike, poo pee and sleep.

Wolfgang Coleman

GOB and Landyachtz crew member

Keith Stevenson

Youth Mentor on Board, GOB Team Member and concrete wizzard!

Soft wheels go faster, duh.

Kyle Martin

GOB and Landyachtz crew member
Everything Is Forbidden

Everything Is Forbidden

Chairman of the Boards : Bubba Muldoe & Grant Shilling